Okay…the title is a wee bit dramatic, and not entirely true, but hang in there with me while I attempt to explain.

I’m writing this while I sit in my cubicle…at my desk job…during the night shift. I’m sleepy and annoyed and really want to go home. And what’s worse… I signed up for overtime…meaning I’m stuck here for 12 hours…talk about up shit’s creek without a paddle. Not to mention Thanksgiving is coming up and I’ll be stuck at work until 2am. However at the same time, I’m listening to a book about self-publishing (which is paused briefly). If I don’t know anything else…I know I don’t want to be in this same situation next year. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy and thankful to have a job (for a while, shit was shaky and I was BROKE).

My current job pays VERY well and there’s an abundance of overtime available. What’s not to love? Well if money was the main motivator I would have NO problem clicking away at my desk, scrambling to meet a daily asinine quota. But for ME enjoying what I’m doing is my main motivator. It’s not work if you’re having fun, right?

Well beyond a shadow of any doubt I’m positive I’m not having fun. I’m missing out on EVERYTHING for the sake of a paycheck. Being with my family makes me happy, writing makes me happy, and being financially secure makes me happy. Right now…all I have is financial security, but I’m going to change that, and here’s how I came to that realization.

  • 2014 made me realize how crap my life was…how down on my luck I was…and how DESEPARATE I was for change.
  • 2015 I was able to see some of my dreams come true (I was traditionally published!) I have yet to get any actual sales numbers as of yet, but I’ve been told sales have been good. The feedback I’ve received has been amazing. I’m nowhere near the greatest author out there, but people like me! I have something I just need to figure out how to effectively hone it.
  • I also realized writing is something I need to figure out how to do full-time. Writing is life…writing is bae. I need to be able to create damn it. So the rusty wheels of my mind got to working again. I’m thinking of business plans and such. I also came to the conclusion that as of right now…getting an agent is not on my to-do list. I love control too much (blame the Scorpio in me). I have managed to absorb as much as I can from my publisher and I truly believe I know what I’m doing now.
  • 2016 is peeking around the corner like “what up chick…we doing this or what?” and my answer is…HELL YEA.

I will document each move I make that will hopefully drive me toward my ultimate goal of living a free, more peaceful existence.